Walter Hill
1st Vice President  
 Michael J. Renahan
2nd Vice President  
Louis F. Dulfer
  Walter Gill
Myles Rahill
 Vernon Pedersen
  Michael Festa
Frank Dulfer
Past President
William Marshall

Frank Dulfer
Stanley Krenkowitz
Ronald Fahey
Myles Rahill
Dean Spenzos

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Troop Information
By Laws

We, the officers and members of The Essex Troop, do solemnly agree to the Constitution of the Essex Troop and the following By-Laws rules for our government and to such others as may hereinafter be passed as prescribed, not contrary to the constitution and laws of this State, or of the United States.
And we do hereby pledge our honor that we will, to the best of our ability and understanding, devote ourselves to the interest and advancement of The Essex Troop, to which we have voluntarily attached ourselves, by all honorable means, and will ardently participate to increase of its strength, respectability and discipline; and that we will foster and maintain sentiments of regard and respect towards each other as soldiers and citizens, and united as a band of brothers, devote ourselves when occasion requires to the service of our country.

Section 1. The members of the Troop shall be of three classes, viz.: Active, Honorary and Life, who shall possess the qualifications set forth in Article VII of the Constitution of The Essex Troop.

Section 2. Applications for Active and Life membership and nominations for Honorary membership, shall be in writing, addressed to the Secretary, endorsed by two members, and may be acted upon at any meeting. A two-thirds vote of those in attendance shall be necessary to elect. Resignations shall be by letter, addressed to the Secretary.

Section 3. Any member shall be eligible for Life membership after having paid dues for a period of at least ten (10) years, of which the last three years are prior to application.

Section 4. An active member shall not be entitled to vote until he or she has paid his or her annual dues for the current year. Any active member who has not paid his or her dues for a period of one (1) year may lose his or her membership upon such recommendation by the Membership Committee and approved by a majority of the Board of Trustees, provided five days notice of such contemplated action shall have been mailed to him or her by the Secretary.

Section 5. Special Assessments may be made upon Active members by a two-thirds vote at any meeting of the membership, or upon Life members only by a two-thirds vote of enrolled members of this class of member.

Section 6. The Trustees shall decide the rate of dues each year. The membership will be notified of any changes by mail not later than December 1st. The changes shall take effect January 1.

Section 7. Each Active and Life member shall be entitled to vote at all meetings of the organization providing the active member has paid his annual dues for the current year prior to such meeting.

Section 1. The property of The Essex Troop shall be the jurisdiction of the Trustees, or such persons as they may designate and under such regulations as they may, from time to time, prescribe.

Section 2. The Trustees shall hold meetings at the call of the President or any three (3) Trustees, on seven (7) days notice by mail. A majority of the Trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. In the event of war or other emergency, the Trustees who remain at home shall be invested with the authority of the full Board. The Trustees shall have power to fill vacancies in their number until the next annual meeting of the Corporation, and until successors are elected and qualify. The President's vote, or in his absence, the First Vice-President's vote, shall carry the same weight as that of a Trustee at such meeting.


Section 1. The fiscal year of The Essex Troop shall commence January first and there shall be quarterly meetings on approximately the fourth Wednesday of January, April, July and October of each year. The exact date to be specified by the President, who may call special meetings as he deems necessary or he shall do so upon the written request of a majority of the Trustees. All members shall receive at least two weeks notice by mail from the Secretary of the time and place of all meetings. Twenty-five (25) members shall constitute a quorum. A majority of those present at any meeting shall prevail, except on a question of membership.

Section 2. The April meeting shall be considered the annual business meeting and the order of that business shall be as follows:
1. Reading the notice of the meeting by the Secretary and certification by him as to the presence of a quorum.
2. Reading of minutes of previous meetings.
3. Report of Officers and Committees.
4. Unfinished business.
5. Elections.
6. New business.
7. Adjournment.
The January, July and October meetings shall be considered social meetings and the business of these meetings, if any, shall be that deemed necessary by any Officer, Trustee or member of The Essex Troop, providing the member shall have notified the Secretary, in writing, of his intention to discuss such business at least two weeks prior to a social meeting.
Section 3. A temporary suspension of any rule of procedure may be made by unanimous vote of members present at any meeting, such suspension ceasing with the meeting. Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority governing the meeting of The Essex Troop, the Trustees, and all Committees, except where herein otherwise provided.


Section 1. The officers of this corporation shall be as follows: A President and a First Vice-President, who shall be members, ex-officio, of the Board of Trustees; a Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms, all of whom shall be elected for a term of two (2) years by a vote of the members at the annual business meeting. Nominees for President and First Vice-President must have been members of The Essex Troop for a minimum of five (5) years. Any person who has served two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms as President shall not be eligible for nomination to that office for a third consecutive two (2) year term, and any person who has served two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms as First Vice-President is not eligible for nomination to that office for a third consecutive term.

Section 2. The President shall preside at all meetings of The Essex Troop and the Board of Trustees. He shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as usually pertain to the Office of the President of a Corporation. He shall also affix his signature to checks of the organization, in addition to the signature of the Treasurer or other designated officer or Trustee appointed by the Board.

Section 3. The First Vice-President shall perform the duties and exercise the power of the President in case of absence or disability of the President. In his absence the Second Vice-President will act so. In his absence, the Senior Trustee present will so act.

Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep a full and accurate account of the financial status of each member of the organization; to demand the payment of all sums due the organization at least every three (3) months; to deposit all moneys received in a bank to be designated by the Finance Committee, in the name of The Essex Troop; to keep its property insured against loss by fire, and other hazards; to pay only such bills as are audited and approved by the Finance Committee in writing and approved by the Trustees, and he shall be held responsible for all sums expended without such approval. He shall keep a standard double entry system of bookkeeping, with all subsidiary records necessary as in other corporate enterprise, consisting of:
a) General Ledger, b) Journal c) Cash Book d) Check Book e) Pertinent Voucher Files f) Cash Book g) Check Book
All moneys paid out of the Treasury shall be by check, signed by the Treasurer, and countersigned by the President, or in his absence by the Vice-President, and canceled checks shall be retained in the files for at least six (6) years.

Section 5. Election of Officers and Trustees will take place at the April business meeting during even numbered years. Nominations for the Offices of President, Vice-President and Trustees will be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee not later than March 1 . Nominations submitted after March 1 will not be accepted. The Chair will review each nomination and that the candidates meet the following criteria:
a) The candidate has been a dues paying member for five (5) years.
b) The candidate has paid dues for three (3) years preceding nomination, Life members excluded.
c) The candidate has been an active participant in the meetings and social functions of the Troop for the preceding three (3) years.
d) The candidate is willing to devote the time in the performance of his office.
e) Candidates for the office of Trustee shall be Life Members.
The Chair of the Nominating Committee will notify the membership in writing no later than the 1st of April as to the names of the candidates conforming with the Articles and Sections of the Constitution and By-Laws.
Section 6. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a full and accurate record of all proceedings of the meetings, file and preserve his books of record of the meetings, notify all members of the time and place of all meetings, maintain a permanent record containing names, addresses, dates of service and class of membership of each member, and perform such duties as usually pertain to his office and are prescribed herein.


Section 1. There shall be the following standing committees:
(1) It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to exercise general supervision over the current finance of the organization. It shall supervise and examine the prescribed books and accounts of the Treasurer within one week prior to the Annual meeting in April and quarterly meeting in July and at such other time as the Chair may direct. It shall assist the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual financial statement
(2) The Chairman of the Finance Committee shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Treasurer in the absence or disability of the Treasurer.
(3) During the first week in November, the Committee will prepare an estimate of the anticipated revenues for the next fiscal year. During the third week in November, it will conduct a budget hearing at which the officers and the Chairman of all Committees will be required to submit a request for such funds as their particular activities may require for the ensuing year. Prior to December 1st, the Committee shall furnish the President with a report showing the estimated revenues and receipts for the ensuing year and its recommendations and the budget for said period. The amounts set forth in the budget will not exceed the estimated receipts.
(4) The President, upon receiving the report above described, will carefully examine same and present it, with such recommendations as he may desire to make, to the Board of Trustees for its approval. The budget as approved by the Board of Trustees will be published prior to January 1st and will constitute the proper authority for all expenditures of organization funds.
(5) All officers and committees will be prohibited from entering into contracts or making expenditures against organization funds without prior approval of the Finance Committee, and they will be held personally liable for any contracts or expenditures so made.

 It shall be the duty of this committee to accurately record all matters of historical interest which occur throughout the year to The Essex Troop and the 102d Armored Cavalry Group. It shall file a written report, including photographs, etc., of items of historical interest. The historical file shall be kept separate and apart from the other records of the Secretary, but under his jurisdiction.

It shall be the duty of this committee to represent The Essex Troop in appropriate arrangements for the use of the armories and grill rooms by members of The Essex Troop, by and with the consent of the custodians of the armories.

It shall be the duty of this committee to review all applications for membership and to forward them with recommendations to the President who shall present the candidate to the membership for approval.

(1) The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members and shall be appointed by the President at the April meeting in each year, and shall report to the Annual Meeting in the year following their appointment.

A constitution and By-Laws committee shall be appointed by the President to review the current constitution and By-Laws. They shall make timely recommendations for any changes that might be necessary to enhance the organization.

g. A Scholarship Committee
A scholarship committee shall be appointed by the President. They shall review all applications and make their decisions based on the criteria established by the Troop.
Section 2. The forgoing committees, without limitations as to membership, shall, except as provided for the Nominating Committee, be appointed by the President immediately after the Annual Meeting in April of each year. There shall be such other committees appointed by the President as the Trustees may recommend.
Section 3. All committees shall make written reports at each Annual Meeting, and, as may be necessary, at the Quarterly Meeting.

Section 1. STANDARD: Two vertical stripes of blue and white fringed with yellow, three feet by four feet, six inches. The blue shall be next to the staff.
Section 2. DEVICE: Upon an American Eagle (brown with white head), bearing an olive branch (green), and arrows (silver), is a helmet with open visor over coat of mail (silver), with monogram "E.T." (gold), with head band crossed. Behind these are a standard and Knight's lance and pennon (blue and white), below the whole a scroll with motto "Fide et Fortitudine".

Section 1. DISTINCTIVE HAT BAND: The Essex Troop hat band consists of blue, yellow and red stripes of the following dimensions:
a. Blue band two (2) inches in width, in the center of which is a yellow strip 3/4 inches in width, through which run two red stripes 1/16 inch in width; 1/2 inch apart.
b. Blue is the basic color of The Essex Troop, while yellow represents cavalry. Red represents the field artillery, to which branch Troops E and G (then B and D) were assigned and in which they served in World War I.
Section 2. The Band may be worn by all members in good standing.

a. A resolution for dissolution of The Essex Troop may be accomplished only by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Trustees, including the President. Such resolution to be valid and enforceable must then be voted affirmatively by two-thirds (2/3) of the members in good standing present at a meeting specifically called for the purpose. Such notice, in writing, must be mailed to all members at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the meeting.
b. In the event of the dissolution of The Essex Troop, the President and First Vice-President will become trustees, making eight (8) in number. Any and all assets will be held in trust by the Trustees. Assets may not inure to the benefit of any officer, Trustee or member of The Essex Troop. The assets will be used to grant scholarships for education purposes to persons deemed worthy by the Board of Trustees without regard to race, creed or color. Also, if necessary, to any educational institution or veterans organization with exempt status.

Proposals to amend the Constitution and By-Laws shall be in writing, and shall be given to the Secretary at any meeting, but shall not be acted upon until the next meeting, unless ten days written notice of the proposal shall have been mailed to each member. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present at the meeting shall be necessary to carr
those present at the meeCONSTITUTION OF THE ESSEX TROOP

AS AMENDED AND ADOPTED AT THE ANNUAL MEETINGS: 25 JAN 1950; 22 JAN 1968; 21 MAY 1968; 21 APR 1971; 26 JAN 1972; 28 JAN 1978; 30 SEP 1981; 26 OCT 1984; 28 FEB 1988; 31 JAN 1997

The name of the corporation will be The Essex Troop, Inc. a/k/a The Essex Troop.

The purposes of The Essex Troop is to preserve the history of the United States Cavalry and Armored Force, especially as pertains to the military units descended from the 1st Troop and the 102d Regiment, New Jersey National Guard. Also:
Provide programs to perpetuate the memory of The Essex Troop and the Armored Force.
Assist disabled and needy veterans, members of The Essex Troop and the Armored Forces.
Sponsor and participate in activities of a patriotic nature.
Provide social and recreational activities for members of The Essex Troop.
To provide educational scholarships for its members, their children, their grandchildren and to members of the armed forces and their dependents.
To acquire, hold, let, transfer, mortgage and convey properties both real and personal.

The corporation is located and its principal business is conducted in the City of West Orange, in the County of Essex, in the State of New Jersey. The location of its office shall be in the West Orange Armory, 1315 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, New Jersey 07052.
The Agent for services of process on said corporation is the person currently serving as the secretary of The Essex Troop, located at the West Orange Armory, 1315 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, New Jersey 07052

The number of Trustees shall be nine (9), six (6) of whom shall be elected and shall be divided into three classes, to hold office for a period of three (3) years from the date of their election or until their successors shall be elected and qualify. The election of each class shall be staggered so that two (2) Trustees, comprising a class, shall be elected each year. The Immediate Past President, the President and the First Vice-President shall be Trustees ex officio. Three shall be insofar as may be practical, ineligible for active military service.

The present Trustees of The Essex Troop shall be the Trustees under this amended certificate of incorporation and shall hold office for the balance of their unexpired terms.

The principle officers of the corporation shall be a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-At-Arms. The persons elected to the above offices are to serve a term of two (2) years.

All members of the corporation shall be duly elected and continue as members as provided by the By-Laws, and shall be divided into three classifications as follows:

A. ACTIVE. An Active member shall be one who has been or is currently enlisted or commissioned in an organization or unit of the National Guard of the State of New Jersey; provided his or her service has been satisfactorily and faithfully performed and that his or her separation therefrom has been under favorable and honorable conditions; and further provided that he or she has been elected a Life Member or, if not a Life Member, has paid dues for the current year as prescribed in the Constitution. Any other person proposed for Active membership not meeting the qualifications contained in this paragraph must be voted on by a majority of those active members present at a general meeting of The Essex Troop, and, in order for the qualification to be submitted for such vote, he/she must have been approved for presentation to the general membership by a majority of the Trustees, including the President of The Essex Troop.
B. HONORARY. An Honorary member shall be one who may be elected to membership in The Essex Troop as a mark of esteem or for distinguished military or public service. Honorary members may not become life members, but may hold elective office with the exception of Trustee or President.
C. LIFE. A Life member shall be one who has been an Active Member dues paying member for a period of ten consecutive years and has displayed an eagerness to participate in Troop functions. His/her eligibility shall be confirmed by the Secretary and presented to the President. The President shall review each applicant and present his recommendation to the membership for approval.
ting shall be necessary to carr